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"...tough, powerful, hard-swinging music, with superb performances... showing how much vigour can still be found in the post-bop tradition. Seek it out."
 -Eddie Myer, (review of Facts + Figures)

"Saxophonist Peter Fraize's quartet makes it clear throughout Organic Matter that this is the 21st rather than the 20th century." "Easily recommended."
 -Scott Yanow (review of Organic Matter)

"The players' concise solos don't wear out their welcome... and their lines are sharp without being overbearing." "This buoyant record is equally suitable for solo listening, propping up a party, or shaking your booty."
 -Mark Osteen, Baltimore jazz Alliance (review of Organic Matter)

"Fraize and his band… groove with breathless determination."
 -Robert Sutton, (review of Organic Matter)

"Fraize's unpretentious, strong-toned, fluid sound exudes traces of prime Sonny Rollins, taken to a slightly freer zone." "Peter Fraize is a tenor saxophonist to watch."
 -Steven Loewy, Cadence Magazine (review of Third Attention)

"[Fraize] weilds his tenor with considerable authority, whether casually playing over a swing pulse or punctuating the noirish "Union Blues" with an urgent cry."
 -Mike Joyce, the Washington Post (review of Third Attention)

"...the music is consistently fresh and inspired by Fraize's colorful writing and the improvisatory bent he shares with his bandmates…"
 -Mike Joyce, Jazz Times (review of You St.)

"As a soloist... displaying the fire of John Coltrane." "You St. is filled with honest music and solid playing. The band pushes at its material, not content with cliches or pat readings of the themes."
 -Richard Kamins, Cadence Magazine (review of You St.)

"Unselfconsciously as down-home as Ornette Coleman's "Folk Tale," ["Plain Folk"] easily illustrates its title. Homespun as all get out when playing unaccompanied, Fraize begins running the changes at the top of his horn's range then moves into aviary scream territory." "Post-Deconstruction demonstrates all the good that can come out of a structured jam session…"
 -Ken Waxman, (review of Post-Deconstruction)

"Fraize's commanding tenor tears it up... and what a sense of time!"
 -Dr.Herb Wong, Past-President International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE)

"Fraize plays supremely lyrical lines, never boarding the showboat and never giving in to full-bellied dissonance." "Fraize's burry sound calls up the history of the tenor while welcoming the present."
 -Christopher Porter, Washington City Paper

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